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Which camera do I need?

We have two types of Farmstream Camera which are the Farmstream Static Camera and the Farmstream 360 Degree Camera. 

The Static Camera is better suited for monitoring smaller areas. For security, this could be doorways, or small driveways and for livestock, this could be smaller calving pens or equine stalls. It is a fixed position camera with a viewing angle of 75 degrees and a night vision range of 30m. 

The 360 Degree Camera is best suited for covering large areas. For security, this could be driveways, yards or rural sites and for livestock, this could be calving or lambing sheds, or fields and paddocks. The 360 Camera has a viewing angle of 90 degrees, can pan through 355 degrees, tilt through 90 degrees, has a 30X optical zoom for zooming into objects up to 200m away, and has a night vision range of 80m.  

Both cameras are available in a Wi-Fi or 4G model and each camera requires an external power supply. A 3-pin plug is included with every camera, and this is suitable for plugging into a standard 13A socket. Farmstream cameras can also be powered via a 12V Leisure Battery or Solar Kit Setup.

Do I need a WiFi or 4G Camera?

If you have good WiFi in the spot you wish to place your camera, then we would recommend a WiFi Camera. If you do not have good WiFi in the spot you wish to place your camera, but have good 4G coverage, then we would recommend a 4G Camera. 

A simple way to test if your Wi-Fi is strong enough to reliably support a Famrstream Camera is to stand in the spot you wish to place your camera, ensure your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi and run a speed test at . Once complete, press ‘Show more info’ and check the upload speed test result. We recommend a minimum upload speed of 6 Mbps to reliably support a Wi-Fi camera.

How much does data cost with a 4G camera?

Data is only used when footage from the camera is viewed via the app. This includes watching live and recorded footage via the app. The camera recording 24/7 does not use any 4G data. Each 4G camera comes with a built-in Farmstream E-SIM (Multi-network SIM which switches between Vodafone, EE, O2).

We have three packages depending on usage requirements. Plans start from £7.50 a month or £60 if paid annually. More info

Our cameras are fully unlocked and can be used with an alternative SIM of your choosing.

How can I power a Farmstream Camera?

A Farmstream Camera requires an external power supply, takes a 12V, 2A supply and can be powered via mains (13A standard socket), 12V Leisure Battery or via a Solar Kit system.

The cameras come as standard with a 3-pin plug with inbuilt transformer unit for powering the camera via mains and this includes ~1m of cable. If powered via a 12V Leisure Battery, 12V Battery connection leads are available to purchase via the Farmstream website, as are 5m or 10m power extension cables.

How do I set up my camera?

Setup is simple and aimed at a plug and play setup and full instructions are available on the Farmstream website at:

If you have any trouble with setup, then it is worth taking a look at our solution guide, or please do get in touch with one of our friendly team with any questions you may have.

How can I view footage from the camera?

Farmstream cameras work with a free app, called CamHipro, and this is designed for use on a smart phone or tablet/iPad device. The CamHipro app is available to download on iPhones and Android devices. 

Farmstream cameras can also be linked to a PC. We do recommend initially setting the cameras up via a smartphone using the CamHipro app, and once setup, they can be linked to a Windows PC or MAC. Software and instructions for this are available towards the bottom of the setup page on the Farmstream website:

Can the cameras record footage?

Yes, Farmstream Cameras can record footage with the micro SD card which is placed in the camera. The cameras can then be set to record all the time, only when motion is detected or only at certain times of the day/night and all recorded footage can be accessed via your mobile phone, using the CamHipro app, so the SD card does not need to be removed from the camera.  

A 64GB micro SD card will hold roughly 1 weeks worth of footage and a 128GB micro SD card will hold roughly 2 weeks worth. The maximum size SD micro SD card that the cameras are compatible with is 256GB, this will hold roughly 4 weeks worth of footage. 

Once full, the SD card will automatically overwrite the oldest footage first. 

Useful Links

64GB Micro SD Card

128GB Micro SD Card

Can more than one phone/device link to one camera?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of devices that can connect to and view footage from a Farmstream camera. Each camera comes with a unique identification number and is password protected. As long as each device has access to the UID and password then they will be able to view footage from the camera.  

The maximum number of cameras that can link to one device is 64 cameras.

How long does delivery take?

Cameras & Accessories: Tracked delivery, 1 - 2 working days.

Farmstream Solar Kit and Farmstream Solar Kit Bundle: Tracked delivery, 3 - 5 working days.

115W Solar Kit: Tracked delivery, 5 - 7 working days.

Why should I go with a Farmstream Camera?

Farmstream are specialists in livestock monitoring and rural security equipment, with camera setups suitable for just about anywhere! Choose from Wi-Fi, 4G, mains power or off-grid depending on what you require, and our friendly sales team are on hand to advise if you have any questions. 

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