Step 1

- Open the CamHipro app

- Tap to bring your camera online 

- Scroll to the third interface screen with 6 small icons

- Tap 'Preset position' (top right icon)

Step 2

- Move the camera to a chosen 'home' position (the position you wish the camera to return to once it has finished tracking a person)
- Enter 99 and then press setup (called setting on android devices) and this locks in the 'home' position

Step 3

- Enter 100 and then press call (called transfer on android devices) to start human tracking.

- Once automatic human tracking is active, the camera will always return home when it is unable to continue tracking a person in the frame. 

Turning Off

If you wish to to turn off automatic tracking at any point, enter 103 in 'Preset position' and then press call (transfer on android device).