Frequently Asked Questions

Which camera is best for me?

We have two main models of camera which are our 360 Degree Camera and our Static 5MP Camera. Both cameras are available in a WiFi or 4G model and both cameras have very similar features however, the 360 Degree Camera can rotate 360 degrees, has a 30x optical zoom and an infrared range of 80m. If you have a Wi-Fi signal where you plan to install your camera then we would recommend the Wi-Fi version. If you do not have a Wi-Fi signal where you plan to install but do have 4G coverage, then the 4G option is a simple solution.

Do I need WIFI?

If you wish to purchase one of the Wi-Fi models of our cameras then yes, you will require Wi-Fi in the location that you wish to place your camera. If you do not have Wi-Fi in this location but you do have good 4G coverage, then the 4G model is a simple solution.

I'm not sure if I have 4G coverage?

The 4G coverage checker section of our website can be used to check which networks are available in your area. Check your coverage.

Does a 4G camera come with a SIM card?

Yes, each of our 4G cameras is sent with a giffgaff sim card (O2 network) because we believe they offer the best pay as you go data bundles. However, our cameras are unlocked so they will work with any network provider. 

How much will data cost for a 4G camera?

The data cost will depend on how often footage is streamed from the camera and which network provider you choose to go with. For example, if camera footage is viewed for ~20 minutes per day for a month, data usage over the month would be 2GB. The cost of this with a giffgaff goodybag is £8 per month however, costs with other network providers do vary.

Which network provider do you recommend?

Each of our 4G cameras is sent with a giffgaff sim card (O2 network) as we believe they offer the best SIM only monthly data bundles - termed goodybags. Giffgaff goodybags are easily tailored to your requirements with it being easy to move up a data tier or pause your plan if you do not expect to be using the camera for certain months of the year.

How are the cameras powered?

A power supply is included with each camera. This requires a standard UK 240V power socket. A 1m power cable is also included with each camera and if an extension cable is required, we offer a 10m extension cable which can be viewed on the product section of our website. 

I don’t have power, is there a way around this?

All of our cameras can be powered from a leisure battery via one of our 12V connector cables or in combination with a solar panel and these may be purchased additionally. Running solely from a typical leisure battery (85Ah) will power our 360 Degree Camera for approximately 10-14 days and our Static Camera for up to 3 weeks. 

How are the cameras posted?

All of our cameras are shipped via DPD on a tracked delivery service. We will let you know once your order has been dispatched and provide you with your tracking number. You should expect to receive your order in 3 - 5 working days from ordering providing that all contents of your order are in stock (our website will indicate if an item is out of stock on the product page).

Do the cameras come with warranty?

Yes, our cameras come with a one-year warranty. 

Can you provide remote support during install?

All of our cameras come pre-configured. For setup instructions, please visit the setup page on our website where we offer a written set of instructions. If you encounter any difficulties with Setup then please do get in touch via email or via phone as we are very happy to offer remote support if required. Contact details are provided at the bottom of our website and if you wish to contact us by phone, please select the technical support option when calling. 

Is any technical knowledge required for install?

All of our cameras come pre-configured so no technical knowledge is required. Simply follow the setup instructions on our website to easily add your new camera straight to your phone or tablet.

What is the best way to contact Farmstream?

We can be reached via facebook, email or by telephone and our contact details are available at the bottom of our website. We work Monday to Friday and endeavour to respond to all queries within 24 hours, although this can be longer during busy periods. If you wish to contact us by phone and are unable to reach us, please do leave us a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as we are available.