4G 360 Degree Camera Setup Instructions

Printable Instuctions

Step 1

Check your box for:

1 x 4G 360 Degree Camera
3 x Antenna
1 x 3-pin plug adapter
1 x Mounting bracket
1 x Speaker
1 x Screw pack (not pictured)
1 x Giffgaff SIM 

You will also require a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 2

Activating SIM card:
Steps below are specific to a giffgaff SIM, if using a SIM card from a different network provider, please contact them for activation details.

A. Using a mobile phone, download the giffgaff app.
B. Open the giffgaff app and select ‘Activate SIM’ (you will then be redirected to a web browser page).
C. Enter the activation code which is the 6 digit code written on the plastic SIM card holder.
D. Select to activate SIM and enter your personal details.
E. Select to register.
F. Either add credit or select a goodybag option. We recommend starting with the £10 goodybag.
G. Fill in the required payment details and select to activate your SIM.

Step 3

Inserting SIM card & SD card (SD card optional):
A. Use a screwdriver to carefully remove the back access panel.
B. Insert the SIM card and SD card (if using) as shown below. When inserted correctly, each of these will gently click into place.
C. Replace the access panel and take care to ensure the black rubber seal is totally straight and the access panel is securely fastened for moisture resistance. 

Step 4

Camera mount attachment:
A. Screw the three small bolt screws into the black mounting bracket.
B. Feed the camera cables through the mounting bracket.
C. Orientate the mount so it is in line with the arrow on the camera body.
D. Tighten the three bolts to securely fix the mounting bracket in position. 

Step 4B (above). Step 4C & 4D (below).

Step 5

Antenna attachment:
A. Carefully screw the three antennas into place, making sure to ensure they are tightly screwed into place

Step 6

Power on your new camera:

A. There are four cables coming out the back of the camera (as below). Connect the power cable to the power lead coming out the back of camera. This will be the 3-pin plug adapter if powering the camera via mains or this will be a 12V battery connection cable if powering the camera via a 12V battery.
B. Hold the camera by the mount and plug into power (the camera will rotate during the start-up process and to prevent damage, it is best to hold the camera by the mount).
C. Connect the black speaker to the RCA connector lead coming out the camera.

Step 7

Connecting your camera to the CamHipro app:
A. Use your mobile phone to access the App / Google Play store and download a free app called ‘CamHipro’.
B. Once downloaded, open CamHipro and give it full permissions.
C. The following steps can be used to connect your 4G 360 Degree Camera to the CamHipro app:

1. Open CamHipro and select ‘Add Camera’

2. Select ‘IP Camera’

3. Select ‘Device in Use’

4. Select ‘Scan QR code’ and scan the QR code on the side of the camera with your phone

5. Select ‘Add to’

6. Name your camera and select ‘confirm’

7. Wait for 10-15 seconds for your camera to connect

Step 8

Using the PTZ functions and viewing HD footage:
A. In order to move your 360 camera, place your finger in the centre of the screen and swipe in the direction you wish to move.
B. The camera defaults to SD when installed, tap SD to change to HD for a higher quality.

Your 4G 360 Degree Camera is now setup, and you’ll be able to view footage wherever you are using your mobile phone. Feel free to unplug your camera and mount it where you want to use it before reconnecting to power.

Any questions regarding setup? Drop us an email at support@farmstream.co.uk , including your order number and a brief description of the problem, so we can get the best person to help figure out what is going wrong.